Welcome to AZ-Industrie (LLC).

AZ Industrie (LLC) was founded in 2008 as a sole proprietorship. Today we are a middle-sized and forward-thinking company on a growth path. We are specialized in industrial machinery and facility maintenance. We plan, consult, manufacture, and mount according to your distinct requirements; for instance stairwells, railings, balconies, exterior staircases, canopies, conservatories, and fences. Our core strengths is the conjunction of artisanal precision work and creative design. We are, for many years, fascinated by the workflow of transforming a piece of crude iron into a solid yet elegant end-product, at fair prizes for our customers. We support specialists as well as private persons around the world at fixing inspection downtimes, reconstruction work, and various projects. We compensate order peaks with a well-rounded team. We employ 30 well-trained mechanics with certificates, specialized in fields such as industrial mechanics, mechatronics, metal construction, and metal works. We invest in their education and advanced training.

We repair smaller machine parts, conduct maintenance work and renew even worn-out parts or rebuild them from scratch and refine them with welding work, turnery, and milling work.

One of our particular services is a blasting method to clean and smoothen surfaces. You can try this out for your self with our induction blasting cabinet.

Your AZ-Industrie LLC Team!

Schweißen ist deshalb so beliebt, weil man bei dieser Tätigkeit den Erfolg sofort sieht.

Welcome to our team!

A safe, long-term permanent position in a family-operated business within a great team, diverse activities, and the opportunity to gather work experience outside the confines of your home–that’s what we offer you at AZ Industrie, LLC.

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